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Investment amount
3 month
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Profit Hunter Safe
8 750 $ ̴ 100% per annum
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on the market volatility
Advantages of working with us
We don't keep the client's money. Your deposit is securely placed on a personal broker's account with the possibility of withdrawal 24/7
We don't provide brokerage services. Our task is to develop high-quality software. We only earn when our clients earn
We have our own main backup servers located in different regions and fully protected from DDoS attacks, an uninterruptible power supply and several high-speed internet lines, optical and LTE
Our team consists of analysts, IT specialists and professional traders. The analytics department monitors the news hourly in order to promptly react to certain events. Regular algorithm updates
Full customer support 24/7 throughout the entire period of co-operation.
We create high-quality software due to the fact that our traders and programmers have more than 10 years of experience
Our products
On sale
Profit Hunter Safe
EUR/USD trading pair
Trading 24/5
Balanced version for the risk/return ratio
Average annual return of 100%
Minimum deposit is $2500
On sale
Profit Hunter SuperSafe
EUR/USD trading pair
Trading 24/5
Maximum security
Average annual yield is 30%-50%
Minimum deposit is $5000
What is the minimum deposit needed to get started?
Depending on the category of the robot you have chosen. For the "Profit Hunter Safe" to function correctly, an amount of $3,000 for Profit Hunter Safe and amount of $5,000 for Profit Hunter Super Safe or more is needed, taking the bonus into account. The profit proportionally depends on the deposit, the larger the deposit, the higher the income.
Where is my deposit placed?
Your deposit is placed on your personal account with a broker. According to analysts (financial specialists), placing a deposit with a broker is more reliable than in a bank, because during instability and financial crises, banks tend to lose licenses, whereas the broker, on the contrary, earns from the crisis and is at its peak. In addition, the broker doesn't charge a commission for storing funds in the currency of non-friendly countries. For security reasons, the withdrawal of your funds is possible only to those banking details from which the deposit was placed, thereby eliminating the possibilities of fraud.
How often can I withdraw funds from my deposit?
There are no restrictions on the amount and number of withdrawals!
When can I withdraw funds?
You can withdraw your funds 24/7. However, we do recommend withdrawing funds during the absence of open transactions in order to avoid critical pressures on the deposit. It is also necessary to remember about the minimum deposit amount for the algorithm to operate correctly. If you want to withdraw all of your funds, you will need to contact our manager, so he can stop the algorithm working.
How reliable is the broker?
Libertex Academy is a well-known international broker that started its activity in 1997 and has more than 100 offices around the world. The broker has more than 40 international awards and more than 700 employees.
How do I get started?
To get started, you need to register on our website, or contact our manager via email europa@profit-hunter.online, or WhatsApp / Telegram
What should I do if my banking details have changed after placing the deposit?
The new banking details must be in your name. The name in the Personal Account and the Name of the account/card holder must match! Otherwise, the detail change request will be declined! You need to make a deposit using your extra details for a minimum amount of $20 and apply for a change of details to the broker's manager. Within 3 working days, you will have the additional details for withdrawing funds.
What should I do if the market goes down?
Our algorithms work both on the growth and on the declines in the currency exchange rate.
How can I track trading results?
You can track trading results directly in your personal account, either in the Libertex mobile app for Android and iOS or in the MetaTrader 4 app for iOS/Android. Our managers will help you to install one of the convenient applications during the registration progress.
How to get a welcome bonus?
The bonus is credited when funds are deposited. When depositing up to $5000, the bonus will be up to 20% of the deposit amount. When depositing more than $5000, the bonus will be up to 35% of the deposit amount. The bonus, just like the real funds, will also be traded. The bonus cannot be withdrawn, but the profits during the trading are credited to your broker account and can be withdrawn to your bank account.
Have question?
If you have additional questions about our products, leave a request and we will contact you to clarify all the details.